KIN354 Fan ID - Griffin Warner Alex Hubbard Volleyball vs...

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9/15/08- Volleyball vs. Georgia 1. A) There was only one fan with an actual jersey, the #10 jersey which corresponds to Ashley Engle, but her name was not on it per NCAA rules. We saw a large number of “Texas Volleyball” shirts, in place of the jerseys you would see at a Texas football game. B) #10, once. C) A fan with a “Texas Volleyball” shirt said “it shows I’m not a random fan and I actually care.” D) The team is always highly ranked, which makes it much easier to identify. Although the players do not always resemble their fans, the fans still identify with them because of their work ethic and success for a university they support. In terms of similarity, students will always root for their classmates to do well and make their college look impressive. E) Success, ability, hustle, athleticism, energy 2. A) Players throwing team memorabilia into the crowd when they are introduced into the starting lineup builds fan identification, as they also do when they hang around after the game to speak with their fans. We also have a personal example where we met some players from the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Biltmore Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island when they were in town
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KIN354 Fan ID - Griffin Warner Alex Hubbard Volleyball vs...

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