kin354WEBSITE ASSIGNMENT - This website assignment was done...

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This website assignment was done with the purpose of investigating how efficient the team website of the National Basketball Association’s Boston Celtics is for customers. is a major virtual shopping center as it is the home for exclusively licensed gear from last season’s NBA champions, and should be a great source of revenue for the defending champions. Need Recognition A: On the first “store” page of, there are banners covering most of the page. These banners flip from one image to another, displaying gifts for her in a “find the perfect gift for your girl” section along with holiday gift packs with a major focus on last season’s NBA championship. In terms of nonproduct-related appetizers, they have a permanent image on the page of the Celtic dancers with a link to their “Shopisode” where customers can “go behind the scenes.” All banner ads are for themselves, which could be a good place for advertising for other companies, but the team must feel that that revenue would take away from what they are trying to sell. There is no frequent buyer incentive, but there is a 45% discount on certain, selected items due to the “Shamrock Sale.” Also on the front page is a “best sellers” section, which includes a scrolling bar that displays the most popular items in the virtual store. There is also a tab on the page called “women’s gear” where men can shop for their wives on their favorite team’s site, utilizing the scrolling bar to show more items at once. A good way to improve this page and its revenue-making capabilities would be to add an advertisement banner of a Celtics sponsor in a part of the page that will not distract a customer from the actual products they are shopping for. It would make sense to have a Celtics broadcaster, or someone of equal stature who can represent the team, present with team gear on with a Comcast Sports Network logo or background because that will enable a customer to further identify with the company who hosts each basketball game. Information Search   C: There is no Frequently Asked Questions area on the site for product or service-related information on this page. The best overview for the entire shopping center would be the “View All” page. It lists all of the products featured on the site with no real order. It must be hard for a customer to find what he or she is looking for, but one good thing about the list is that it could
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kin354WEBSITE ASSIGNMENT - This website assignment was done...

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