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Copy of KIN357FacilityAudit

Copy of KIN357FacilityAudit - First Aid Medical Care...

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Facility use 44 years Emergency Min. Age None Risk Waivers Release Form Weekday Hrs M-F 3p-10p Equipment on site Adequate Equipmen Saturday 8a-6p Hazards identified Instructions Sunday 10a-6p Inclement Weather Adequate Exits Free Weights No Evacuation Plan Response Time Outdoor Fields 8 Emergency Education Minor consent Child Care No Manager on Duty Emergency Phone Alcohol Not allowed Safety Training Documentation Wavier to play None Safety Equipment Assumption of Risk Doctor's approval Not required Staff Injury paperwork Yes Background Checks Employees Risk Forms No Experience Required Qualifications Participants >50 Yes AED CPR Emergency PlansWritten
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Unformatted text preview: First Aid Medical Care CPR/AED Staff 100% Referees Supervisor Emergency PhoneYes Program Assistant Maintenance Trained Emer. StaYes Facility Manager Yes Hazards Signage Emer. Equipment in Hut Standing Liquid Fencing Weather Radar Yes Secured Storage Emergency Power First aid kit Stocked Artificial Lighting Seating Areas Part-time staff Students Parking Fields Monitored Background checkYes Equipment Rental Safety Rules Alcohol Outdoor Fields Tennis Courts Number of Courts Smoking Areas Field Conditions Clocks Minimum Age Concessions nt...
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Copy of KIN357FacilityAudit - First Aid Medical Care...

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