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Griffin Warner KIN 356 Oakbend Financial Resource Allocation 1) Equity in this athletic department would mean that financial resources would be allocated based on a combination of successes and expenses. Equality would mean each student-athlete would garner the same amount of money no matter how well the team or individual performs. Finally, need would give money based on how much is required without a performance initiative. It would be based on the amount of money available and equipment required for the sport. 2) If I was the Athletic Director at Oakbend Senior High, I would choose to make a budget based off of equity. A program's performance has to be tied into its funding because it will keep coaches accountable for their team on and off the competitive surface. With finances being tied to performance, it would reward the teams that deserve it while still taking care of all the teams. It is maybe the most cut-throat of the three options, but in a field like sports that is what needs to happen in order to assure that you will receive maximum effort for all involved. I would choose this because I don't believe in equality because some athletes are more expensive than others depending on equipment required, and it would be impossible to be under budget with this strategy considering how expensive football is. Finally, need doesn't add any incentives to achieve
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KIN356OakbendFinancialAllocation - Griffin Warner KIN 356...

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