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KIN357BusinessPlan - buy ten sandwiches get one free Market...

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Business Plan A description of the business- ¡Viva Vitamin! Mission and Vision- Viva Vitamin is a nutrition company designed to improve the lives of Americans by showing them the benefits of incorporating vitamins and supplements into their daily routines along with a healthy lunch menu of sandwiches. We are an up and coming, youthful company that wants to make society more healthy and lengthen the lives of this and future generations. Goal- increase the health and natural defenses of our customers by adding our products and food to their diet. Provide a small, healthy, sandwich place for workers and residents to eat lunch. Objectives- Establish a customer base of 500 people within the first quarter, and 1000 patrons by the end of the first year by creating a desirable location in the new Mueller urban village and utilizing marketing promotions such as free tastings and discounted prices for repeat customers (Ex.
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Unformatted text preview: buy ten sandwiches, get one free). Market that we will serve- young to and young-middle aged single adults (18-40) living in the Mueller community area for our supplement store, but also, we want to serve the 10,000 permanent job workers and 10,000 construction workers with our lunch menu. Our vitamin and supplements customers will most likely have a moderate level of disposable income, but our lunch patrons could have substantially less, given the simplicity of our lunch menu. Our target customer is a thirty year old male who is career driven and cares about his physique and health. He will be single and most likely seeking to impress a prospective companion. Competitors- GNC, Whole Foods, Vitamin Shoppe, Smoothie King, Froots, Subway. Our competition varies from GNC which is the leader in supplement and vitamin distribution, to Subway which offers low priced sandwich options....
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