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Unformatted text preview: RISK MANAGEMENT CHECKLIST FACILITY NAME: Whitaker Fields PERSON(S) COMPLETING THE SURVEY: Alex Hubbard, Griffin Warner, Andrew Brooks DATE: April 27, 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS I.) Introductions to Person(s) Completing Survey II.) General Facility Information III.) Emergency Plan Information IV.) Staff and Employee Information V.) Intramural Fields and Tennis Courts Information VI.) In-Competition Section VII.) Suggestions, Comments, Recommendations-----------------------------------------------I.) INSTRUCTIONS-------------------------------------------- This checklist is for Whitaker Fields, the home of intramural athletics at the University of Texas. The facility has intramural fields and tennis courts, and hosts tennis classes, flag football games, softball games, soccer games, and Ultimate Frisbee. This facility checklist and audit is designed to be simple to administer and complete, but also thorough enough to provide a detailed examination of the selected facility. This audit is important for those in charge of the facility as well as the patrons, for it will give everyone involved a better understanding of the risks at the facility. The checklist is separated into seven sections. Each section covers a different of the facility or its operations. The checklist is set-up in short answer format, but we allowed room for any appropriate response based on the question. The answers can be yes/no, numerical, in list form, or short answer. The seventh section of the document will contain our suggestions, comments and recommendations. We hope this will help those in charge at Whitaker Fields identify and fix any problems we notice during our audit. Our goal and the goal of Whitaker Fields staff is to find ways to improve the facility and make each visit as satisfactory as possible.---------------------------------------------II.) GENERAL INFO------------------------------------------- 1.) FACILITY NAME? _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _________________________ 2.) FACILITY AGE? _______________________________________________ 3.) FACILITY OPERATOR? _______________________________________________________________________ 4.) INTERVIEWEES EXPERIENCE AND BACKGROUND? ______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________ 5.) PERSON(s) RESPONSIBLE FOR BUSINESS DECISIONS (STAFFING, TRAINING, ETC.)?...
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