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FACILITY RECOMMENDATIONS The University of Texas at Austin does a great job giving its students the ability to challenge themselves intellectually and physically during their collegiate career. While affording graduates, undergraduates and staff members the opportunity to compete, there are plenty of avoidable risks present in the facilities used to foster the intramural program. Specifically, the Whitaker Fields are a great place for students to have fun and get some exercise, but there are a lot of obstacles that need fixing or improvement before they do a lot of damage to participants. Lighting is a major issue for almost all of the sports played on those fields. Flag football, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, soccer and softball games all take place in the nighttime, but lighting issues often plague the competitors. There are certainly enough light poles throughout the facility to provide proper vision to the participants, but the actual bulbs are not bright enough. They offer an orange hue that makes it very difficult to see the various objects that fly through the air. This is especially alarming during softball season because the aluminum bats launch the balls directly back at the pitcher giving the athlete less than a second to get their glove up for protection. In order to diminish the risks involved with the lighting, I would advise RecSports to invest in better light bulbs that makes it easier to see. Brighter lights would certainly help to reduce injuries. In terms of emergency plans, the facility is very difficult to mold because of its
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KIN357FacilityRecommendations - FACILITY RECOMMENDATIONS...

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