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REPORT FINDINGS Our audit of Whitaker Fields produced mixed results. Each area of the audit has some risks that need to be taken care of, but also some positives as well. In this section of the report we will present our findings from each section of the audit. We looked over the entire facility, checked on their emergency plans, their staff and employee information, and took a closer look at the fields and courts, which are the most important parts of the facility. We will go through the checklist section-by-section, noting what we liked and what we think should be addressed by those in charge at the complex. I.) GENERAL FACILITY FINDINGS It is rare for a university to have a complex the size of Whitaker Fields with the sole purpose of hosting intramural sports. Students at the University of Texas are extremely lucky to have a facility with enough tennis courts, softball fields, and soccer fields for any intramural season. The biggest problem we found in this area of the audit was the lighting. There are plenty of lights for night activities, but the lights are an unusual orange color. This is something that many participants have complained about because it distracts them when trying to see the ball during competition. The orange hue of the lights also causes them to be dull and not bright enough for this nighttime activity. Another big problem is the parking situation. Some people who go to the facility may know that parking close to a softball field puts your car in danger of being hit by foul balls. However, there is so much parking close to the fields that it is hard to find a decent spot not near a field. Also, we found no appropriate signage alerting visitors to this risk. It is important to alert people to this hazard so that the facility can stay out of trouble if a car is hit. We found several positives in this section of the audit. The hours of operation at
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Whitaker Fields are more than fair for anyone who wants to use the facility. Participants should almost always be able to find a time to use the facility and all of its amenities. Another positive refers to the size and accessibility of the facility. The facility is not hard to find, and the layout is
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