KIN357NegotiationAnalysis - Negotiation Analysis When I...

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Negotiation Analysis When I signed up for the Management of Sport and Health Promotional Programs class, I never expected to be placed on both sides of a job interview on the same day. In addition to that, I never thought I would have to negotiate my job contract with a new company, nor the sale of a car and definitely not making a business deal involving hundreds of millions of dollars. With all that said, I want to discuss the aspects of each negotiation that made the activity unrealistic and aided me in constructing deals that favored me by a ton over some of my partners. While the negotiations were certainly doable with substitute professors hosting them, it seemed like the atmosphere in those classes compared to ones where Dr. Woolf was present was completely different. I’m not sure about my classmates failing to take the activity seriously, but I think that would be a good way to explain why some people made some absolutely ridiculous deals. It is too difficult to understand how a person could read some instructions and do the direct opposite a few minutes later, but I think the culture without Dr. Woolf would be a reasonable explanation for why it happened. As for the negotiations, I want to focus on the first one where I was a buyer and I had to get the best deal possible considering my financial situation. My initial thoughts after finishing the negotiation were that we were not supposed to make a deal because
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KIN357NegotiationAnalysis - Negotiation Analysis When I...

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