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Quinn Romasko MAN 325-Loescher Final Report 5/11/11 Introduction to Report Throughout Strategic Human Resource Management my main objective has been to seek ways to apply HR concepts to the military, my future career. My initial assumption was that there would be relatively few areas of crossover between military and business. However, I discovered significant crossover between the two. This report will describe my effort to create and revise SMART goals, understand HR in military, apply course concepts, and describe my career transition between branches. An encompassing topic throughout the report is applying more SMART goals to my day to day activity and putting more effort into their development. IN-CLASS EXERCISES AND ACTIVITIES The first section will describe two in-class activities from which I benefited the most. These topics are: using SMART goals to focus on HR and setting ground rules. Although these are not directly related to HRM, the course material was instrumental in obtaining my goals which will be discussed in the second section. Using SMART Goals to Focus on HR The first skill learned from in-class activities is setting SMART goals. I learned many Human Resource problems are a consequence of lacking detail. Managers do not directly address major HR issues; they make poor assumptions about people, and the effectiveness of HR processes. As an example, several team presentations were about company problems derived from lack of attention. In the presentation of Contigo Austin Restaurant, a store owner made poor hiring decisions because he did not develop a criteria for hiring. As shown in the presentation, someone who does not know the type of people needed cannot create adequate job postings, conduct meaningful interviews, and ultimately use the correct selection practices. Another example is our class discussion about the Walmart sex discrimination lawsuit. Walmart assumed store managers would know correct HR practice, but this was not the case. When Walmart directly addressed the issue, they made drastic improvement to the sex discrimination problems in their stores. In both the example of Contigo Austin Restaurant and Walmart, it is clear that all types of companies need to pay special focus to major HR areas. Setting SMART goals will force management to pay attention and provide direction for subordinates. I will discuss specificity of SMART goals in the next section about the progress of my own major goals.
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MAN 325 - Quinn Romasko MAN 325-Loescher Final Report...

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