MAN 325 Quinn Romasko-Contract

MAN 325 Quinn Romasko-Contract - Self-Directed Learning...

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Self-Directed Learning Contract for MAN 325 The intent is to encourage students to function as Adult Learners by planning and contracting for their own professional learning and career development. A contract such as this operates best when the learner has a Mentor, professional practitioner in field of learner's interest, rather than using a convenient colleague at work. Both the learner and the course Instructor need to be clear about the learning plan. Often such learning links beyond this course to the learner's job or academic degree program . Most contracts work best over 2-3 month period, the equivalent of a business quarters. See class calendar for due date to instructor. Make sure you keep a copy to refer to throughout the semester and when completing your final report. Learner: Quinn Romasko Employer: US Air Force Mentor: Colonel Christopher Bowman Expected graduation: Spring 2013 Career goal: Combat Search and Rescue (as a pilot or spec ops) Address: 2701 Nueces St, Austin TX 78705 E-mail: Quinn.Romasko@bba08. Work Phone: - Home Phone: (512) 492-5989 Personalized Area of Interest to investigate (Target learning boundary based on your goals for this course, your academic program, and/or your work/professional goals) Excel in the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program and learn to evaluate peers, superiors, and unit members to gain entrance into Field Training and become an outstanding officer. 1ST LEARNING OBJECTIVE [simple clear statement of learning that has a measurable change /outcome and is tied to an HRM topic area) Gain entrance to Field Training RESOURCES ( books, articles, expert, software, training, job aid, course, conference accessed to meet objective) AFOQT Study Guide Cadet Mentor Cadets Field Training Manual Warrior Knowledge Booklet Workout Manual STRATEGY ACTION PLAN - specific steps/sub tasks to reach mastery of the new learning by course deadline Action Step Purpose Outcome desired
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MAN 325 Quinn Romasko-Contract - Self-Directed Learning...

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