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MAN 337.9 test 2 cheat sheet

MAN 337.9 test 2 cheat sheet - Maxwell Chapter 3-Importance...

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Maxwell Chapter 3 -Importance of integrity: 1) Builds trust (Eisenhower-Hence, the supreme quality for a leader is unquestionably integrity. His teachings and actions must square with each other). 2) Integrity has high influence value (Emerson-His character determines the character of the organization. Survey 1300 executives=integrity is human quality most necessary to business success). 3) Integrity Facilitates High Standards (Robbins-There’s a tendency today to absolve individuals of moral responsibility and treat them as victims of social circumstance. You buy that, you pay with your soul. What limits people, is lack of character) 4) Integrity results in a solid reputation, not just an image 5) Integrity means living it myself before leading others 6) Integrity helps a leader be credible not just clever 7) Integrity is a hard won achievement….worst chapter of book quit reading midway through Maxwell Chapter 6 -Bad attitude is incompatible with success (Arnold palmer trophy/believing in self/less than 2 stroke difference in golfers). A leader’s attitude is caught more quickly than his/her actions. 6 stages of attitude change: ID problem feelings, ID problem behavior (triggers it), ID problem thinking, Id right thinking, Make a public commitment to right thinking, Develop a plan for right thinking Maxwell Chapter 7 - 1 ) Make the right assumptions about people ; a. everyone wants to feel worthwhile (devotion to napoleon, shoe shiner with little league); b. everyone needs and responds to encouragement (Reggie Jackson making baseball players better than are); c. people buy into leader before they buy into their leadership (Columbus); d. most people do not know how to be successful(learning from failure, journey); e. most people are naturally motivated (significant contributions, goal participation, positive dissatisfaction, recognition, clear expectations). Demotivating-Don’t belittle (self confidence), Don’t manipulate (trust), Don’t be insensitive (learn to listen), don’t discourage personal growth. 2) Ask the right questions about people; 3) Give the right assistance to people. Principles for people development-Make the right assumptions about people, Ask the right questions about people, Give the right assistance to people. People development takes time. People skills are essential for success. Be a model that others can follow. Lead others by looking through their eyes. Care for people before you develop them. Look for opportunities to build up people. Key to potential company growth is people growth Maxwell Chapter 9 -Start small, Start now, Organize your life 1) set your priorities (continue order of importance) 2) place your priorities in your calendar 3) allow a little time for the unexpected 4) Do projects one at a time 5) Organize your work space 6) work according to your temperament 7) use your driving time for light work and growth 8) Develop systems that work for you 9) Always have a plan for those minutes between meetings 10) focus on results not the activity , Welcome responsibility (pay now, play later), For yourself, Stewardship, To those you lead, Accept accountability, Develop integrity, Character driven vs. emotion driven
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