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Answers to select Section 2.3 problems (1)

Answers to select Section 2.3 problems (1) - b a yam that...

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Answers to select Section 2.3 problems 2. dDdt ; ft/min (feet per minute) 4. dNdD ; gal/mile (gallons per mile) 5. a. 5 pounds cost $12. b. As the number of pounds increases the cost will increase as well. 7. a. at a price of $150 you’d sell about 2000. b. at a price of $150 the number you sell drops by 25 for every dollar you raise the price. 9. a. positive. The longer the yam stays in the oven the hotter it gets (e.q. as the number of minutes (t) increases the T increases).
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Unformatted text preview: b. a yam that has been in the oven for 20 minutes is increasing in temperature at a rate of 2 degrees/min. 22. a. g’(36) b. the rate of growth of the fetus (weight) increases with respect to weeks of gestation (e.q. the longer the baby is in the womb the faster it grows). 24. a. 1/16 kg/week b. 3/16 kg/week c 0.0775 kg/week NOTE: these are all ESTIMATES. Your answers may vary....
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