Cell Biology Notes for Test 1

Cell Biology Notes for Test 1 - Lecture 1 Eukaryotic Cells...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 1 Eukaryotic Cells Smallest functional unit First noticed in mid 1600s- Royal Society of London- Robert Hook- instru m e nt curator- Had d ecent microscopes (glass m a gnifies)- Looked at thin slices of cork: co mp art m ents of cork were called cellulae (little room)- Origin of cell mid 1800s- micron- mitochondria, nucleus, etc- Lavenhook- Saw little m e n in cells Did people com e from cells or spontan eous? Cell Theory 1) All organisms consist of 1 or more cells 2) Cell is the basic unit of structure 3) All cells arise from pre-existing cells (basic unit of reproduction) 1930s- Electron microscope (0.4n m)- Most cells are microm et ers- 1 microm eter = 1000 n m .001 microm et ers = 1 n m Surface are a to volum e ratio is why cells are s m all- Lower ratio = bigger object- We want a s m all object (large SA:vol)- Need oxygen and CO2 by diffusion- Less distance to transport to middle of cell- Neurons have very high SA:vol- Villae increase SA:vol What are cells made of? 6 elements: C H O N P S Certain combos are most prevalent: H2O (70%) H2O is universal solvent- Polar- allows it to hydrogen bond (with itself) (H is shared between 2 e-) OHO- Other charged molecules can bind (proteins, carbs)- Molecules arrange around H20- Charged molecules are hydrophilic- Uncharged molecules are hydrophobic- High mp and bp Carbon- Cell is carbon based unit- Silicon is almost as good as carbon (has 3 bonds instead of 4)- Carbon has no size limit (long chains)- Small (4 bonds) Other common combos: CH3, OH, COOH, NH2 Bioactive component of compounds Lecture 2 Small Organic Molecules...
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Cell Biology Notes for Test 1 - Lecture 1 Eukaryotic Cells...

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