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SOC 100 Chapter 6 - FORMAL ORGANIZATIONS I. Introduction a. Pervasiveness: How much are our lives touched by large formal organizations? e.g. UAB, the power co., the auto manufacturer, the dealership, the gov’t that built the roads, the publishers of your text, etc. b. History i. As early as 5,000 years ago they became essential because of decisions required for water distribution through irrigation. ii. The Egyptians had a version of the IRS as early as 2500 BC. They kept copious records of crop size, inventories, and harvests. They started making paper from papyrus around 3000 BC. (The word paper comes from the Greek word for papyrus [Smithsonian, March, 1989]). II. Organization a. An organization is a coordinating mechanism created by people to achieve stated objectives. e.g. all of the above b. They have a life apart from the individuals who form and occupy them. c. Large organizations dominate our lives today and many span the globe. III. The Multinational Corporation a. Corporations that own or manage businesses in more than one country with headquarters in another ; i.e. they own or control production and service facilities in countries other than the one in which their headquarters are located. e.g. Mercedes Benz and Honda make cars in Alabama, while Dutch-owned Philips Corp. makes televisions in Tennessee and Honda makes cars in Ohio and ships them to Japan ( The Wilson Quarterly , Spring 1990:15). b. A corporation is a legally recognized organization whose existence, powers, and liabilities are distinct from those of its owners and employees. c. The UN estimates there are 35,000 MNCs. d. Many have budgets larger than most countries. e. World’s Largest Corporations (Fortune’s Global 500 for 2005) Company Revenues (millions) Profits (millions) Wal-Mart $287, 989 $10,267 BP $285,059 $15,371 Exxon-Mobile $270,772 $25,330* Royal-Dutch Shell $268,690 $18,183 General Motors $193,517 $2,805
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*Exxon made record profits in 2005 and 2006. f. Positives (agents of progress) i. Stimulate economies e.g. KFC planned to open 100 stores in France by the end of 2006 ( Harper’s Index ). ii.
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SOC 100 Chapter 6 - SOC 100 Chapter 6 - FORMAL...

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