SOC 100 Chapter 8 - SOC 100 Chapter 8 I What is the...

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SOC 100 Chapter 8 I. What is the significance of stratification? Life chances II. Definition a. Stratification - the systematic inequality in the availability of those things that are sought after in society b. ascribed characteristics - attributes given at birth, developed over time, or those one possess through no effect or fault of their own c. achieved characteristics - attributes acquired through some combination of choice, effort, or ability d. class - a category that designates a person’s overall status in society III. Origins of Stratification a. Domestication of plants and animals some 10,000 years ago IV. Concept of Class a. Marx’s economic determinism - a society’s class system is determined by its means of production b. Bourgeoise - owners of the means of production c. Proletariat - those who work for the owners and own nothing but their labor d. Class consciousness - one’s subjective awareness of belonging to a class e. Communist revolution leads to classless society f. Problems with Marx- did not foresee rise of the middle class
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SOC 100 Chapter 8 - SOC 100 Chapter 8 I What is the...

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