syllabus - PHL116 2C BIOETHICS Fall 2009 Instructor:...

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PHL116 – 2C BIOETHICS Fall 2009 Instructor: Jacqueline Sullivan Office: 407D1 HB Office Hours: Tues/Thurs: 3:30-4:30 p.m. Location: VH 1L105B Dept. Office: HB 414A Email: Course Description : Ethical dilemmas in the practice of health care continue to proliferate and receive increasing attention from members of the health care profession, ethicists, policy makers, and the general public of health care consumers. In this course, we will examine a number of ethical issues that arise in the context of contemporary medical practice and research by analyzing articles that argue for particular viewpoints and by considering decision scenarios in which such issues arise. We will begin by discussing general theories and approaches in ethics, and will then examine specific areas of medicine and particular contexts in which these theories and approaches may be applied. Major topics to be covered include the physician-patient relationship; professionals’ and patients’ obligations/duties; informed consent; resource allocation and health care reform; refusal/termination of treatment; abortion; genetic and reproductive control; medical research and human experimentation. There are no prerequisites for this course. Learning Objectives : Students who successfully complete this class will: (1) be able to identify and analyze different philosophical approaches to selected issues in medical ethics; (2) have gained insight into how to read and critically interpret philosophical arguments; and (3) have developed skills that will enable them to think more clearly and critically about ethical questions as future or current health care providers, policy makers, and consumers/patients. Required Text : Ronald Munson, ed., Intervention and Reflection: Basic Issues in Medical Ethics, Eighth Edition (New York: Wadsworth Publishing Company, 2007). AVAILABLE AT THE UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE. This text provides a well-structured introduction to moral principles and ethical theories, and contains a wide array of articles dealing with various ethical problems that arise in the health care context. In addition, each chapter includes a decision scenario section, designed to give students an occasion to apply the concepts contained in a given chapter to specific cases. **Always bring a copy of the textbook with you to class. ** Policies and Grading : You are expected to adhere to the standards of academic integrity – cheating in any form is strictly forbidden. Your grade will consist of five elements according to the following scheme: (1) Exam 1 – 09.17.09 (100 points): will be based on material covered from 08/18-09/15. (2) Exam 2– 10.13.09 (100 points): will be based on material covered from 09/22-10/08. (3)
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syllabus - PHL116 2C BIOETHICS Fall 2009 Instructor:...

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