COM 1109 Syllabus

COM 1109 Syllabus - Human Communication(COM 1109 A Coursein...

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Human Communication (COM 1109) A Course in the General Education Program Program   Description :     The   General   Education   Program   offers   a   solid,  comprehensive foundational academic experience for all Kennesaw State University  students.   In a series of interrelated courses in the liberal arts and sciences, it  provides the opportunity for them to acquire the intellectual skills and knowledge  characteristic of educated persons in a diverse, global community.  Thus, it lays the  basis for success in academic, professional, and personal arenas.   Whereas the  major   program   contributes   depth   to   a   college   education   in   a   designated  specialization, the General Education Program provides breadth of understanding  by providing an introduction, connection, and integration to a variety of disciplines. Program Goals : The General Education Program at KSU has four goals.  During  the course of the program, students should demonstrate the following: knowledge and understanding in the General Education areas: Humanities,  Fine Arts, Science, Mathematics, Technology, Social Science, and the  Essential Skills (written and quantitative skills) proficiency in communication skills in inquiry, critical thinking, and problem solving through scholarly  and/or creative activity across the general education disciplines an understanding of ethics, diversity, and a global perspective. Course Description :       An introduction to the fundamental components of the  human   communication   process,   emphasizing   selected   concepts,   methods,   and  practice in dyadic, small group, and presentational settings.  Covers such areas as  information gathering, message design, audience considerations, verbal/non-verbal  approaches,   discussion/delivery   strategies,   critical   analysis,   and   related   media  technology support resources. Includes student speaking assignments. 1
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“Kennesaw State University is a learning-centered institution emphasizing creativity, diversity, global awareness, leadership, ethics, teaching excellence, digital literacy, technological competence, and community engagement.” – Dr. Daniel Papp, President I. COM 1109 : Human Communication LC 05 Tomorrow’s World for Today’s Business Students and Section 14 Kennesaw State University Department of Communication Fall Semester 2010 II. Instructor : Jan R. Phillips, Assistant Professor of Communication Office: Humanities and Social Sciences, room 5096 Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. and by appointment
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COM 1109 Syllabus - Human Communication(COM 1109 A Coursein...

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