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Essay #2 Gambling

Essay #2 Gambling - Means 1 Andrew Means Schofer English...

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Means 1 Andrew Means Schofer English 1101/57 19 October 2010 Essay #2 The Best Addiction ever To many Americans, sports gambling and betting is a way of life. People own small businesses and rings based solely on the outcomes of sports matchups all over the world. If played smart, gambling can make people millionaires based on luck. However, when athletes and officials become involved in gambling on the sports they play, they can cause many negative effects and scandals. The athletes that were caught in different scandals were scarred for life. The act of gambling within famous athletes causes them to lose millions of dollars, cause them to tamper with their sport, and destroy the integrity of their sport. Gambling itself is an addiction, and the more athletes gamble, the more losses they could possibly incur. An athlete’s nature is already extremely competitive, and they will not stop until they win. Like most gamblers, athletes will still continue to lose. (Casino Review) Take for example pro golfer John Daly. Daly simply could not stand to lose, and his competitive nature showed as he was exposed. Those losses came back to bite him, and he wound up losing $20-60 million dollars. (Casino Review) Daly had no self-control, and he was so bad to the point that one time he lost $1.65 million over the
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Means 2 course of five hours. (Casino Review) Athletes trick themselves into believing that they have all the money in the world to gamble. But the reality is that athletes will start to stoop themselves into debt over time. Even Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball, lost over $1.2 million dollars from his
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Essay #2 Gambling - Means 1 Andrew Means Schofer English...

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