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Essay Assignment#2 - KSU English 1101 M SchoferAdjunct Professor ESSAY#2 ASSIGNMENT Causal Argument Research Paper You will be writing a formal

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KSU English 1101 M. Schofer—Adjunct Professor ESSAY #2 ASSIGNMENT Causal Argument Research Paper You will be writing a formal research essay using MLA documentation. Your writing textbook The Everyday Writer will be a good resource for this. The following guidelines should be observed: Your argument will revolve around a cause-effect thesis. Choose one of the three types of cause-effect argument outlined in chapter 11 of Everything’s an Argument with Readings. Also from Everything’s an Argument , read the following to help you understand the approach to a cause-effect argument: “Campus Crusade for Guys” on p. 909 and “”The Well-to-Do Get Less So, and Teenagers Feel the Crunch” on p. 977 Your research will include at least six sources. Sources must include one print book (which could be a reference text). Parenthetical citations will be used to cite sources in the body of the essay. In the body of the essay, use signal phrases and introductions to quotes or
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