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Essay Assignment #3 - aspects of a film that might also be...

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KSU English 1101 M. Schofer—Adjunct Professor ESSAY #3 ASSIGNMENT Film Critique-Evaluation Essay You will be writing a critique of a film viewed as a class. To write a review of this film, refer to chapter 10 on “Evaluations” in the textbook Everything’s an Argument with Readings. The length of the paper will be 500-1000 words. Remember to use MLA format. Choose two to three elements of the film to be discussed. You will be graded on how well you support the argument concerning these criteria. For example, you may choose to analyze the plot, cinematography, script or acting. There are other
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Unformatted text preview: aspects of a film that might also be analyzed. • Word choice, flow and style in your writing will be important. Consider more colorful language. As always, grammar and mechanics need to be flawless. • The essay must address the film viewed by your class. If for some reason you missed any class time when the film was viewed, you’re responsible for viewing the film on your own. • The conclusion must contain your “grade” of the film using a system similar to that of other film critics. The introduction should set up the argument defending your grade in the conclusion....
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