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Journal Response #1 - Andrew M. Means 18 August 2010...

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Andrew M. Means 18 August 2010 Schofer Journal Response #1 Writing is an essential part of our society today. Without the ability to write, our society would not be able to function. Humans in our world write for a variety of different reasons, including for pleasure, socialization, or business. As a resident in this planet called Earth for over eighteen years, I have found my reasons for writing mostly involve socialization. I am constantly writing for socialization every day. I write for communication whenever I am texting my friends and family or sending items on Facebook. I do a lot of writing when I have papers and assignments due, but I do my writing every day on a socialization basis. I believe that the writing process is everything that leads up to a finished writing product. The writing process starts with the pre-writing. Pre-writing is the beginning stages of thought where all the brainstorming leads to the creation of ideas inside a work of literature. After these ideas are thought up, then the writer moves to the writing phase of the writing process. You write
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Journal Response #1 - Andrew M. Means 18 August 2010...

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