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Style in Writing

Style in Writing - the number of its employees by 6 percent...

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KSU English 1101 M. Schofer—Adjunct Professor Chapter 13: Writing Style Techniques With a partner, use your textbook to do the following activities. Word Choice (p. 418) Re-write the following sentence twice , once in a positive sense, and once in a negative sense: The dog bit the man in the front yard. Sentence Structure/Punctuation (p. 421 and p. 423) Re-write the following using different sentence structure, word choice and punctuation: The company’s expenses were $223,000 last year. The company’s expenses amount to $300,000 this year. The company’s profits were 2.3 million dollars last year. The company’s profits amount to 1.7 million dollars this year. The company will be reducing
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Unformatted text preview: the number of its employees by 6 percent. Tropes (p. 428) 1. Write a metaphor comparing an old car to something else (convey a meaning). 2. Write a simile comparing a person to an animal (convey a meaning). 3. Write a sentence which uses an analogy to compare a group or organization to something else. 4. Use a hyperbole to describe the unexpected difficulties of college. If you can, try writing an understatement to describe these same unexpected difficulties. Summary of Style in Chapter 13 (p. 439) On p. 439, in the “Respond” section, identify the types of figurative language used for question #3....
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