2.23 Assignment

2.23 Assignment - Means 1 Andrew M. Means English 1102 22...

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1 Andrew M. Means English 1102 22 February 2011 Plattner When to say “Enough Is Enough” One of the most worrisome conditions affecting America today is drunk driving and its gruesome effects in young adults. We are informed about these accidents all the time through the mediums of news media, yet we seem to overlook the impact that this issue has on our society. The effects of drinking and driving are just too real. There is currently a lack of awareness for what alcohol does to the human body, and there must be intervention in young adults and students to prevent the destruction of lives. Although drinking is seen as a fun activity with many social benefits; young adults and students fail to realize the side effects that are included with the package of drinking, which puts humans in a very dangerous condition to operate automobiles and machinery. For starters, an alcoholic beverage is a type of drink that uses distinct flavors mixed with alcohol, or in scientific terms, ethanol. The beverages have a depressant effect that causes a human to become intoxicated, better known as “being drunk,” “wasted,” or “tipsy.” Many young adults drink these beverages to become intoxicated and to have “a nice little buzz.” This “buzz” starts with relaxation of the muscles, followed by increased socialization and self-confidence. Many people obtain excitement from the initial effects of being intoxicated.
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2.23 Assignment - Means 1 Andrew M. Means English 1102 22...

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