3.27 Assignment

3.27 Assignment - that could cause even more chaos and...

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Andrew M. Means 28 March 2011 Plattner Julian Assange and Wikileaks Controversy With the invention of Wikileaks, an internet phenomenon that is shaking up the national security of the United States, the American government is becoming increasingly alarmed of the type of information that is being released to the public. This has caused the government to question which is a secret and what is not a secret because private communication seems to be diminishing. What could be assessed in a forecast essay on this topic are possible repercussions and laws preventing the leakage of information that is intended to stay confidential. It seems that there is a dire need of a crackdown on these types of websites before some information is leaked
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Unformatted text preview: that could cause even more chaos and controversy. Steve Jobs and Apple High-tech gadgets today like the iMac, iPod, iPad, iPhone and many others have highly revolutionized the way we distribute and carry out information. Apple is right in the heart of the changing world of computers and technology. There has been stiff competition between the features of a Mac and a PC, and by the looks of everything, Mac might be the dominating source of software in the near future. The competition of the Mac and pc could be debated and the prediction of a winner can be chosen in a forecast essay....
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3.27 Assignment - that could cause even more chaos and...

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