Essay #1 - Means 1 Andrew M. Means 9 February 2011 Plattner...

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Means 1 Andrew M. Means 9 February 2011 Plattner Word Count: 1,046 Where to Turn? I have been through so many challenges in my lifetime. Some of these challenges were easy, and some took some time and discipline to overcome. The fact of the matter is that being a part of a religion essentially saved my life. Although many citizens without a religious foundation in America have made significant contributions to society around the world, not being under the influence of some type of God can be detrimental in the development of strong moral values. Take it from me, having faith in a God that is loving and true has been the superior choice in my ways of living. My life has matured successfully, and the source comes from the home and family I was raised in. My mother made complete efforts to assure that I was nurtured in this lifestyle since the day I was born. She instilled in me the values of living for the lord and following his ways. Every Sunday, she would take me and my sister to church. I remember those Sunday mornings when I would be tired from staying up late on Saturday nights. No matter what, she would drag us by our ears to make sure we would go to church. She kept us actively involved in a wide variety of church programs such as Sunday school, youth ministries, children’s choir, missions, and many more activities as she stays actively involved herself. I used to hate attending every single solitary church event that my mother had us attend. However, as I look back as a young
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Essay #1 - Means 1 Andrew M. Means 9 February 2011 Plattner...

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