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Evaluation Essay 2 - Means 1 Andrew M Means Plattner 24...

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Means 1 Andrew M. Means Plattner 24 April 2011 Evaluation Essay A Black Eye on America’s Pastime When avid sports fans think of baseball, they automatically think of baseball as “America’s Pastime” or “America’s Game” which is rich in tradition and history for decades and generations. The game has evolved in so many different ways especially with the way technology is changing the game. However, the evolution has also seen a period where there was a rash of Major League Baseball players taking banned substances, and many people consider this rash as the “Steroid Era.” The controversy that stimulates from the steroid era is that many baseball records were broken by players who have abused steroids. Do these players truly deserve these records? Or should their name right beside their record in the books be branded with an asterisk? Although some of the most prestigious records in Major League Baseball are being broken by steroid users, Major League Baseball did a poor job of implementing strategies to protect the integrity of the game. Thus, these major records should not be taken away nor tainted for these very players who break these records. In the past history of Major League Baseball, officials have never had any policies on what substances and supplements can and cannot be used (Drug Policy Coverage). The use of banned substances was not looked at extensively by the league until 1998 when a jar of androstenedione was found in Mark McGuire’s locker (Drug Policy Coverage). Coincidentally,
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Evaluation Essay 2 - Means 1 Andrew M Means Plattner 24...

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