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Mayor Essay - Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed After only being...

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Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed After only being inaugurated for a little over one year, Kasim Reed already has his plate full of ideas to take action for the benefit of the city of Atlanta. Mayor Reed's main focal points include increasing the revenue for the city of Atlanta, improving the transportation systems, and bringing the education level out of a slump. Since one or all of these points will effect the population of Atlanta, all of them should be taken seriously. Since Reed has only been in office for about fourteen months, the progress he has made is harder to measure than say someone who has had a little time under their belt. The ratings for Reed later this fall will more than likely determine his push for progress throughout the remainder of the 2011 year. Mayor Reed has created quite an abundance of revenue for Atlanta since he has taken office. The initial revenue at the time of Reed's first term was only around 7.4 million dollars (Lake). Atlanta had the plan to abolish the employment of firefighters to create any revenue possible. However, since Reed's inauguration he has increased over six times bringing the total to about 58 million dollars. Through this massive increase in revenue, Reed kept his approval rating at seventy percent (King). Former mayor of Atlanta, Shirley Franklin, had a tremendous start to her first term. Franklin
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Mayor Essay - Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed After only being...

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