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Andrew Means Plattner 28 February 2010 Worrisome Effects of a Growing Department The program in dance at Kennesaw State University is merely an infant, compared to the University at large. Professor Ivan Pulinkala, arrived at KSU in 2005 in order to develop a program in dance within the College of the Arts. Pulinkala began the development of the program by creating a dance minor for students. With a simple studio in the Recreational and Wellness Center, Pulinkala developed the program further and started the KSU Dance Company; which provided students with performance opportunities. Seven students were the body of the first KSU Dance Company. Like a weed, the program grew rapidly. Spring of 2009 was the first official semester that offered students the ability to major in dance. At the start of the major, there were forty students enrolled as dance majors in the program. Within only two years, the degree program of forty students has grown to ninety. Although this quick progression has been extremely exhilarating for the College of the Arts, there is a concern amongst students currently enrolled in the program, that the high caliber of technical ability will diminish as administrators are driven by numbers, rather than talent. In order to be accepted as a major at Kennesaw State, you must go through an audition process. The process beings with a technical class that is a combination of ballet and modern. Faculty, staff and the Assistant Dean are invited to watch the audition so that multiple opinions are provided when the selection process is made. Following the physical portion of the audition, students are invited to view a current work performed by the Kennesaw State Dance Company. Time is then devoted to individual interviews
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with each of the students who auditioned and the faculty and staff who already evaluated the students on technical abilities. Since the high of this fast growing program has taken the air, students have the concern that the program’s administrators will get careless about accepting students into the program. Not only has the program grown so fast, but it has also received an immense amount of creditability from the dance community and from the American College Dance Festival Association (ACDFA). Within the past five years of Kennesaw State attending ACDFA, the dance program has received high praise from students, faculty and adjudicators. The festival is divided up regionally and within each region, universities and colleges are invited attend the festival and bring with them a piece of choreography to be adjudicated. At the end of the festival, the top twelve works are chosen by the adjudicators to perform in the gala. Every other year, ACDFA hosts a national festival. If a national festival is being hosted, adjudicators chose three of the twelve works during the gala performance to attend the National American College Dance Festival. Since KSU’s first attendance at ACDFA, the KSU Dance Company has been selected for the gala every
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Student Essays - Andrew Means Plattner 28 February 2010...

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