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Boy in the Stripped Pajamas

Boy in the Stripped Pajamas - Why do the farmers wear...

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Boy in the Striped Pajamas – Novel: John Boyne – BBC Film production Where did the film take place – two geographical locations yet the film shot in Budapest, Hungary? -Berlin, Germany Do you recognize any of the actors from more recent films? Who and which film(s)? -Professor Lupin (Harry Potter) Who was being arrested by soldiers in this city shown at commencement of film? What was their ID? -Jews, Yellow Star of David Where did the family move from the city and why did they move? -From Berlin to the country side in Auschwitz Bruno finally makes one new friend in his new home, what is his name, translation, where does he live? -Shmul (Samuel), He is stationed in the death camp Who lives on the farm, as Bruno calls it? Why are they there? What did they do? -Jews live there and they did hard labor as they waited on extermination. Who subscribes to this Nazi propaganda – often associated with ethnic myths & sense of superiority. - What is burning in the local rural chimneys? -Bodies were burning
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Unformatted text preview: Why do the farmers wear pajamas? What did Pavol do before he was arrested? What did Shmuel’s father do for a living before camp?-Doctor; Watchmaker Were all the members of Bruno’s family Nazis? Who?-No, His grandparents were jews. What is the significance of Germany, Deutschland, and the Fatherland.-The nickname is the fatherland The Nazi tutor taught Shmuel & Grettel Nazi propaganda and historical myths and lies – name some of these horrifying comments.-Jews are evil and they were the reasons for losing The Great War, Rats, Scapgoats, Reasons for the Great Depression Was their rampant knowledge of these death camps or were they somewhat obscure? How were these people exterminated? Who died first?-Through Gas Chambers; The elderly since they could not do much around the camp. Timeline: World War I, Great Depression, World War II, Cold War, 1991 – fall of USSR, Ethno-nationalism • 11,000,000 people killed o 6,000,000 Jews o 5,000,000 Roma/ Gypsies and Poles...
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Boy in the Stripped Pajamas - Why do the farmers wear...

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