Lord of War Questions

Lord of War Questions - a. U.S claimed this country, 1 st...

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Lord of War 1. How was Yuri’s family able to emigrate in the late 1970’s: Name the two cities of movement a. They pretended they were Jewish. Ordesa in Ukraine 2. Who controlled most of the “gun running in the 1980’s & what conflicts occurred then? a. Soviet Union and the United States through the KGB and CIA respectively. 3. What is the significance of fall 1991, why did civil wars boom in the 1990’s on a global scale? a. Resurgence of conflicts and a number of civil wars 4. What were the former Soviet Union’s four greatest exports according to Yuri? a. AK-47 b. Vodka c. Caviar d. Suicidal Novelists 5. Name the Weapon of choice used in these new civil wars of the 1990’s; which flag displays it? a. AK-47, Easy to use 6. What is the history of the state of Liberia as described in the movie?
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Unformatted text preview: a. U.S claimed this country, 1 st independent country. Rambo and Cowboy cheerleader outfits. 7. What things kill more people annually than guns, according to Nicholas Cage’s Character? a. Cigarettes and Cars 8. How many civil wars occurred in Africa during the 1990’s a. Mainly White War in Yugoslavia 9. What were Liberia’s two major exports a. Timber, Diamonds 10. What two events occurred in the U.S which Liberians criticized in the movie? a. OJ Simpson, Bush/Gore Votes 11. Which countries are the world’s largest exporters of weapons; what council are they members and what is this significance? a. They have the power to say yes or no in conflict...
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Lord of War Questions - a. U.S claimed this country, 1 st...

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