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Rev. 2 Blog - family could not afford a car More of the...

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Andrew M. Means Prochaska 1 September 2010 Kefentse Zuma Rev.2: Resources August 22, 2010 I was finishing my homework when my father walked in the door with a bag full of fish. He had a very pleased look on his face as it seemed we had enough fish to last us for months. He had to start the process of washing the fish so my mother could cook the fish for dinner tonight. We are very fortunate to be among the 74% of residents in our country with safe running water. I decided to help my father wash the fish since it was a vast amount of fish. As I started washing, he told me not to spend more than twenty seconds on one fish. I asked him why not because we need for our fish to be completely clean. He replied, “20 seconds is all you need. There is a shortage in water.” Wow really?? We live all around water, and my father works in water every day. How in the world can we run out? I am not your average twelve year old. I’m actually pretty smart. Knowing my complex brain, I had to find out how we have shortages in water.
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I walked to our local library. It was about three miles away from my home. My
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Unformatted text preview: family could not afford a car. More of the government officials and other higher class people have cars. I take the city bus every now and then, but the bus cost money. Money is very precious. However, it is better for the environment for us not to have a car, but I do wish we had an easier way to get around. I arrived to the library. I found some encyclopedias, and I was ready to get cracking. I started reading up on our country, and I was shocked with what I found. Turns out water resources are really only available to the major cities. People are struggling with finding clean water all over our country. This really saddened me and I took a really good look at myself. We took our running water for granted for a while. I hope that I can be someone in the future that can raise awareness to the major cities that clean water is needed everywhere. I am only twelve, but I see myself making a difference in a particular issue in the near future....
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Rev. 2 Blog - family could not afford a car More of the...

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