South African Introduction

South African Introduction - cruise ship captain. We use...

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Andrew M. Means Prochaska 22 August 2010 Introductory Blog My Name is Kefentse Zuma. I have decided to start a blog to show people what life is like to be a South African child. The world can be a dangerous place depending on where people live. I want to share a piece of my life with other people around the world so they can know how global issues affect the people of South Africa as well. I will start by giving you some background information about myself. I am a twelve year old South African male. I reside in Port Elizabeth, which is right outside of Johannesburg. I am labeled as a colored child in the South African community. My parents have raised me under Christianity for all of my life. I speak the IsiZulu language, which is the dominant language in my country. My family makes roughly $10,000 a year. I am a student in Port Elizabeth with dreams of becoming a
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Unformatted text preview: cruise ship captain. We use landline telephones as a way to keep communication up in our village. I feel blessed to live in a country that is more modernized than other nations in our continent. Since we just had the World Cup here in South Africa, we have been able to gain more resources and money as a result of the event. Finally, we have an abundance of roadways for people to travel through bike and automobiles. I hope that this blog will give people insight on what life is like being a South African child. We go through so many trials and tribulations on a daily basis. I believe that we can improve our world by looking at our problems and using strategic implementation to solve those problems....
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South African Introduction - cruise ship captain. We use...

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