Review 3 - Congress Two purposes: representation of...

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Congress Two purposes: representation of interests and lawmaking Representation: A. Substantive versus Descriptive a. Tendency of representatives to advocate for certain groups b. Belief that constituents able most effectively represented by legislators who are similar to them in key demographic characters like race, religion, and gender B. Trustee versus Delegate a. Representative who is obligated to consider the views of constituents but is not obligated to vote those views b. Legislator whose primary responsibility is to represent the majority view of their constituents, regardless of own view U.S. House Districts: A. Census Reapportionment Redistricting What is Gerrymandering? What are Majority-Minority Districts? A. Drawing lines to suppress the voting strength of rival political party, which includes packing and splitting up your opponents. B. Congressional District where the majority is the minority (opposed to white non-Hispanics) Sizes and terms of the legislature: A. Size of House 435, Size of Senate 100, Term of House = 2 years, Senate 6 Years Types of Committees: A. Standing a. Permanent congressional committee that specializes in a particular policy area B. Select a. Temporary committee created for a particular purpose and then disbanded C. Joint a. Committee made up of members from both house and senate D. Conference a. Temporary committee created to work out differences between the house and senate versions of a specific piece of legislation Speaker of the House A. (Nancy Pelosi-D)
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Review 3 - Congress Two purposes: representation of...

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