Environmental Economics

Environmental Economics - Polluting reduces costs and...

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SCI Notes 1/27 Laposata Economics and the Environment Reducing Cost o Cost of Materials: Buy Cheaper materials – Difficult o Cost of Labor: Lay off workers and ^ productivity, relocate internationally, automation o Costs of Production Minimize cost of treating pollution, wastes Technology and Treatment o Producing goods and services: Causes environmental impacts, but cost-efficient means of controlling pollution exist o Paper Bleach pollutes waterways o Electricity Emissions cause acid rain, smog o Hog Farms Wastes pollutes waterways o So why do we still have pollution? Treating pollution costs money Releasing pollution does not o It’s just good business $$$$$$$$
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Unformatted text preview: Polluting reduces costs and increases profit Profits and pollution o The Fallout: ^ Prices = Drop in sales Drop in profits = Drop in stock price o Personal Impact: Youre fired Stock options worthless Your familys ticked. Profits and the environment o The Main Idea Best business is to pollute Cuts costs, maximizes profits o The Problem: While company benefits by polluting, society suffers Common resources are polluted. Human Nature = Selfishness, so common resources will invariably be exploited to ruin unless something reins it in. ....
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Environmental Economics - Polluting reduces costs and...

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