What's Wrong With the Weather

What's Wrong With the Weather - If it wasnt for the...

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SCI Notes 4/14 Laposata Climate Change Film “Whats up with the Weather” Burning of fossil fuels put greenhouse gases in the atmosphere…. .which causes global warming Fred Palmer: Western Fuels association Tom Wigley: National Center for Atmospheric research James Trefil: George Mason University o Has followed the global warming issue closely Weather is short term…. .Cilmate is long term During the past century, the earth’s temperature has risen by 1 degree Fahrenheit Christian Pfister Franco Bendi Thicker layers of trees means warm spring Trees are one of the most used recordings because they grow all over the world narrow-dry Larger precipitation more abundant Richard S. Lindsen MIT Charles D. Keeling Ideal place to measure carbon dioxide is away from cities that produce it Spring: CO2 is less abundant in the air Fall: CO2 is more abundant in air due to decaying of plants
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Unformatted text preview: If it wasnt for the greenhouse effect, the average temp would be below freezing CO2 stays in the atmosphere for over 100 years before it gets absorbed by the oceans If CO2 levels were to fall below the present level, then plants would be in trouble and eventually disappear cause it is a plant fertilizer Americans use of the earths energy Most of our energy comes from fossil fuels Nuclear Power provides 20% of the USs electricity Office building- 2.5 million lbs of CO2 Each American puts 20 tons of CO2 in the air yearly SUV 4400 lbs of CO2, regular car: 2200 The biggest barrier is economic growth for reducing greenhouse gases In the next 20 yrs, the electricity requirements will be increased by 60% in the US You can extract hydrogen from natural gas.but CO2 is emitted....
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What's Wrong With the Weather - If it wasnt for the...

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