What's Wrong With the Weather

What's Wrong With the Weather - • If it wasn’t for the...

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SCI Notes 4/14 Laposata Climate Change Film “Whats up with the Weather” Burning of fossil fuels put greenhouse gases in the atmosphere…. .which causes global warming Fred Palmer: Western Fuels association Tom Wigley: National Center for Atmospheric research James Trefil: George Mason University o Has followed the global warming issue closely Weather is short term…. .Cilmate is long term During the past century, the earth’s temperature has risen by 1 degree Fahrenheit Christian Pfister Franco Bendi Thicker layers of trees means warm spring Trees are one of the most used recordings because they grow all over the world narrow-dry Larger precipitation more abundant Richard S. Lindsen MIT Charles D. Keeling Ideal place to measure carbon dioxide is away from cities that produce it Spring: CO2 is less abundant in the air Fall: CO2 is more abundant in air due to decaying of plants
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Unformatted text preview: • If it wasn’t for the greenhouse effect, the average temp would be below freezing • CO2 stays in the atmosphere for over 100 years before it gets absorbed by the oceans • If CO2 levels were to fall below ½ the present level, then plants would be in trouble and eventually disappear cause it is a plant fertilizer • Americans use ¼ of the earth’s energy • Most of our energy comes from fossil fuels • Nuclear Power provides 20% of the US’s electricity • Office building- 2.5 million lbs of CO2 • Each American puts 20 tons of CO2 in the air yearly • SUV – 4400 lbs of CO2, regular car: 2200 • The biggest barrier is economic growth for reducing greenhouse gases • In the next 20 yrs, the electricity requirements will be increased by 60% in the US • You can extract hydrogen from natural gas….but CO2 is emitted....
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What's Wrong With the Weather - • If it wasn’t for the...

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