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Design Statements

Design Statements - Sound Design With our sound designs we...

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Andrew M. Means TPS 1107 Garziano 20 April 2011 Lighting Design With the lighting designs, we are very limited into what we can and cannot do. However, with the dimming and the ability to turn lights on and off, we incorporated many different light cues inside of our script. We have scenes that are very relaxed, and scenes that are filled with lots of tension, and the lights being light and dark go hand-in-hand with our script. Research did not connect with our decisions except for the attendance of Good Person of Szechwan and the observance of their lighting techniques. I would have liked to have spotlights on our characters and colored lighting, but with our other options, we are able to compensate.
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Unformatted text preview: Sound Design With our sound designs, we have a variety of different tools as we produced our sounds manually and digitally. We manually produced sounds using clapping and stomping for door knocks. Digitally, we incorporated lots of “dreamy” transitional music in between each scene, added “Mission Impossible” music for scenes where our main character is searching and running through the woods, and we have wedding music for our special dances. There was no research incorporated to our play since it is a very unique style. Again, we have scenes that are relaxed and scenes with great tension, and these sounds are very effective and appropriate for these scenarios....
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