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Good Person Response

Good Person Response - Means 1 Andrew M Means TPS 1107...

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Means 1 Andrew M. Means TPS 1107 Garziano 19 April 2011 Good Person of Szechwan response A. a. Sarah Gosier’s portrayal of both Shen Te and Shui Ta accomplishes the dual task of empathizing and commenting on her own characters in a variety of ways. While portraying both characters, Gosier constantly makes powerful connections with the audience that sometimes includes a reflection on what action her character has just taken in the play, or other times a question or idea that should come to mind while watching the play. Gosier empathizes with her character by addressing the audience and making the faces, and giving responses that an outside person would give if watching the predicaments that her characters Shen Te/Shui Ta endure. b. One example of how Gosier invites her to empathize with her character is when she first becomes Shui Ta and has to address all of Shen Te’s issues. By doing so the audience understands that Shen Te’s situation has become so helpless that she must become someone else to appropriately handle her life. Another example would be when Gosier becomes pregnant and goes the extra mile to be Shui Ta for as long as possible to make sure that Shen Te does not have to live and remain in poverty and continue to be the pushover.
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