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Personal Reflection

Personal Reflection - breakdowns As an individual I am...

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Andrew M. Means TPS 1107 Garziano 20 April 2011 Personal Reflection Taking this theater class has been a brand new experience for me, especially since I had not taken a theater class in high school. When I discovered that we had to adapt our own production, I had mixed feelings and I did not know what to expect. However, I have embraced this process and have taken this seriously for the sake of myself and the rest of the group. I did not have many surprises from this project, but one that stood out to me is how much goes into developing a script. It has everything from the lines of the actors to the cues of the sound and lighting, which I thought was very interesting. Other than that, the process was what I had anticipated it to be. As a group, we have much strength. We first have variety. Everyone is doing a little something different for the group to be productive. Everyone gets along with each other and there have been no problems to date. We communicate with each other to prevent
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Unformatted text preview: breakdowns. As an individual, I am really good behind the scenes in anything that I do. My computer skills, along with working with the stage has really showcased by abilities even though I am not on the stage. Our greatest challenge came when our director had to step down from the project. We all came together and shared his responsibilities to compensate for his absence. In the end, I think it made our group stronger and even more prepared for future challenges. Finally, I did not know anything about Romania before taking on this project, but what I learned from my research was fairly interesting, including its food and its religious practices. I have no overall complaints about the status of our group. We have been going strong since day one and will continue all the way to the very end. Our group has worked together well since the very beginning of this project, and I hope the hard work carries on to the stage when it really counts....
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Personal Reflection - breakdowns As an individual I am...

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