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When I stepped into the theater, I had no idea what to expect. Knowing me and my tendencies when it comes to understanding events and books, I took a look at the program to see exactly what was. Needless to say, I thought it was going to be interesting, but I was disappointed slightly. However, there was one event that stood out to me. A. The performers were Ariel Gratch and Benjamin Haas. Ariel was reciting his poem called “Brownies in Amsterdam.” I feel that Gratch put all of his heart and soul into this poem as opposed to the other poems and stories he told that night. I like how he started on being comical about his drug use to relax the crowd a little bit. As he transitioned from the drugs to the meat of the story when he thought his girlfriend Jesse was dead, he used a variety of emotions which I believed enhanced the story. The voice that was jubilant and full of enthusiasm began to become shaky and filled with sorrow. The switch from a comedy-type poem to a drama really kept me interested for that moment. B. I felt the same way the audience felt. I laughed when his antics about the brownies, but
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