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spoken word guidelines - SPOKEN WORD RESPONSE BLOG Worth 25...

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SPOKEN WORD RESPONSE BLOG Worth 25 Points TPS 1107 – Spring 2011 Viewing Guide PROCEDURE: Read the guidelines carefully before attending the event. Listen closely. After the performance, you may jot down notes in response to the event. Please compose your responses in a word processing program (such as Microsoft Word). Proof carefully, run spell check, etc., and THEN cut-and-paste your responses into the blog area. Please adhere to the structure provided (a., b., c.) when composing your response. Use proper spelling, grammar, capitalization and punctuation. Proof your work carefully before submitting. ESSAY QUESTIONS The following questions require thought and time. Be detailed and specific. Imagine your reader has not attended the event. One-sentence responses are not acceptable. Please keep your answers structured according to the bulleted list below. (a., b., c., etc.) Performance Description and Analysis (250-300 words; 20 points) Choose one specific moment that was particularly powerful for you. Identify the artist’s name, poem title – if it has one - and a brief description of how your moment is positioned in the larger story of the poem or section of the evening. If the poem has no title, then sum up a statement to what it is about (i.e. the moment when the artist spoke to the audience about the dog that ate the elephant). a. Name the artists/performer and describe TWO specific ways the s/he used voice and body to create the moment. Consider the following performance choices: voice (pitch, rate, intensity (volume), emphasis. and—if used—dialect) body (facial expression, eye contact, focus, gesture, posture) b. Describe both the audience’s reaction and your response to that moment. What was
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spoken word guidelines - SPOKEN WORD RESPONSE BLOG Worth 25...

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