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The Leiden Hymns-2

The Leiden Hymns-2 - There was no father to father the one...

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[When Being began back in the days of the genesis] When Being began back in days of the genesis, It was Amun appeared first of all, Unknown his mode of inflowing; There was no god come before him, Nor was [another] god with him there When he uttered himself into visible form; There was no mother to him, that she might have borne him his name,
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Unformatted text preview: There was no father to father the one Who first spoke the words, “I Am!” Who fashioned the seed of him all on his own, Sacred first cause, whose birth lay in mystery, Who crafted and carved his own splendor— He is God the Creator, self‐created, the Holy; All other gods came after; With Himself he began the world....
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