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The Leiden Hymns-1

The Leiden Hymns-1 - He mingled his heavenly god‐seed...

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The Leiden Hymns [God is a master craftsman] God is a master craftsman; Yet none can draw the lines of his Person. Fair features first came into being In the hushed dark where he mused alone; He forged his own figure there, Hammered his likeness out of himself— All powerful one (yet kindly, Whose heart would lie open to men).
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Unformatted text preview: He mingled his heavenly god‐seed With the inmost parts of his being, Planting his image there In the unknown depths of his mystery. He cared, and the sacred form Took shape and contour, splendid at birth! God, skilled in the intricate ways of the craftsman, First fashioned Himself to perfection....
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