POWER OF LOVE - The souls of the just to oppress them out...

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POWER OF LOVE (from "Antigone") by: Sophocles LOVE, thou art victor in fight: thou mak'st all things afraid; Thou couchest thee softly at night on the cheeks of a maid; Thou passest the bounds of the sea, and the folds of the fields; To thee the immortal, to thee the ephemeral yields; Thou maddenest them that possess thee; thou turnest astray
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Unformatted text preview: The souls of the just, to oppress them, out of the way; Thou hast kindled amongst us pride, and the quarrel of kin; Thou art lord, by the eyes of a bride, and the love-light therein; Thou sittest assessor with Right; her kingdom is thine, Who sports with invincible might, Aphrodite divine....
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