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Unformatted text preview: Questlon 'I E Which of the following is an agencyr created by Congress to assist it in overseeing the federal bureaucracy? Selected Answer: X Congressional Office on Legislative Affairs Questlon 2 la Which of the followir'g is a may in which an executive mency engmes in lawmaking? Selected Answer: X by declaring laws passed by Congress unconstitutional Questlon 3 % Devolution mayr lead to disparities in services throughout the different states. Selected Answer: J“ True Questlen 4 (a The largest subunits of the federal executive branch are called Selected Answer: J departments. Questlon 5 % ‘u'ul’ho has authority to set interest rates and lending activities for the nation's banks? Selected Answer: X the Internal Ftevenue Service Questlen 6 la l-lr.1\llllI are ambassadors chosen? Selected Answer: X They are appointed by the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Questlon T % Which of the following statements about administrative mle making is false? Selected Answer: X All federal mles must prepare “environmental impact statements.‘I ...
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