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Unformatted text preview: Prof. Reed HIST 51 Winter 2011 Paper Prompt: England’s Glorious Revolution James II and William of Orange had conflicting visions for a modernized England. Using the primary source documents in England’s Glorious Revolution as evidence, contrast these differing visions in at least three of the four following categories: politics, foreign policy, political economy, and the church. Why do you think James II and William of Orange, and their respective supporters, approached these issues so differently? You may also use your other course readings and lecture notes to support your ideas. Due in class Wed. March 2. Late papers will not be accepted. Paper Guidelines: • Header of the first page should only have your name • 5‐6 page minimum (This means 5 full pages of text) • Double‐spaced, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman • 1” margins • Works cited page • Proofread for spelling and grammar. Do not just use spell check/grammar check; it does not catch everything. • Must include a clear thesis statement, intro, body paragraphs, and conclusion • Use quotes wisely and sparingly to prove a point. Your paper should not be one long quote. Use in‐text citations or footnotes/endnotes to cite the works you reference. Any citation format you are familiar with is fine (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) so long as you do it correctly. If you do not know how to do in‐text citation please see me in my office hours. • Do not you outside sources. The paper can be sufficiently written with class materials. • Do not plagiarize. Plagiarism is taking someone else’s word or ideas and using them as your own. Thus, it is important to cite your sources. Any plagiarism will be penalized. http://www.conduct.ucr.edu/learnPolicies/Pages/AcademicIntegrity.aspx • You must submit two copies of your paper. One, must be a hardcopy turned in at the beginning of class. The second, needs to be submitted to SafeAssignment via ilearn. Emailed papers will not be accepted. ...
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