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psych cheat sheet for summer - psych disucssion board...

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psych disucssion board session 1 intro Hi, my name is Heather Fowler and I attend the Ivy Tech in Indianapolis, IN. I am looking forward to getting a degree in child psychology so I can help children through the hard times they go through and help them return to a better life. I have seen the devistation and hurt of a loved one while he was mentally abused and I could not stand to see him in so much pain, so I decided to go for child psychology instead of adult, which was my first intention. I do not have much computer experience, but I know enough to navi my way through my online courses, hopefully. I am currently a server and have served and bartended for over ten years. I have an amazing ten year old son who I adore and love with all my heart! He is the best thing that has ever happended to me! I have an amazing boyfriend whom I live with and see myself spending the rest of my life with! I love to sing in my spare time, which isnt very often, but when I do, I fully enjoy it! I do not have much to say, but am open to any questions anyone may have. Session 2 Discussion monkeys/comment-page-1/ By Robyn Urback The Above article is in response to tests being done at the UBC on rhesus monkeys for the benefit of Parkinsons research. The study will involve 4 monkeys who will be give something to imitate Parkinsons and then killed for post-mortum study. I think the two most basic ethical questions are involved here. The first is what right do we have to use living things in experiments to prove theories, and the second is how ethical is it to not do the studies. Although I have a profound respect for life I feel that in the name of bettering societies and the well being of those who stand to benefit from medical break throughs this sort of work is more than justified. I have included an excerpt from the artcle below showing the benefits of animal rearch. I think the artcle points out just how unethical it would be to not do these tests. "The medical contributions of animal research are undeniably invaluable. Whereas some animal testing has, and continues, to be used for more frivolous uses like makeup and haircare, there are many historical advances where animal research has led to life-saving medical breakthroughs. The chemical isolation of insulin in 1922 was a direct result of Frederick Banting’s experiments whereby he tied the pancreatic ducts of dogs. The vaccine against polio was made available in 1955 after an estimated 100,000 rhesus monkeys (same as in the proposed Parkinson’s experiments) were killed in clinical trials. And in 1960, heart valve replacement surgery was pioneered as a way to save patients with valvular disease after surgical testing on dogs.The examples go on, but the point is that these medical breakthroughs would not have happened if it were not for testing on animals." ( Urback, 2011) Session 3 Discussion The mind-body connection is the belief that the well-being of an
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psych cheat sheet for summer - psych disucssion board...

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