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Study Guide for PSY 101 – Introduction to Psychology online Welcome to the online version of Introduction to Psychology online. This is a statewide online class for Ivy Tech, which means this course is the same across all regions and campuses. This guide will help you understand how this course is constructed, and how you can focus your studying to perform well in the class. This guide will cover the following areas: Understanding the structure of the course How to prepare for the exams What to do if you have questions about the course Understanding the structure of the course Any online course involves serious commitment on the part of a student. A classroom course typically should require three hours of class time per week, and an additional three hours per week outside of class. In the case of this course, you should be prepared to make the same time commitment of about six hours per week if you are taking the course in a 16 week semester, and twelve hours per week if you are taking the eight week summer course. Moreover, because this time commitment will be self-guided, you must be well motivated and good at time management. If you do not think you can make this much of a time and organizational commitment, then you should consider waiting until you can before you take this course. You should read your syllabus and the assignments pages to learn about the course in detail. Success is more likely if you have a full and complete understanding of all that is required of you and the course deadlines, so please study the syllabus in detail. In order to get you started, below is an overview of the course structure: Materials: The psychology textbook . It is very important that you acquire your textbook as soon as the course starts , if not beforehand. Please make sure that you acquire the correct textbook, as most regions will be using a different book for classroom courses than the one that is used for this online class. PowerPoint presentations. In addition to the course material in the book, there are online PowerPoint lectures. These cover a lot of the same material as the book, and have additional material included too. These are presented in PowerPoint, web, and text formats, so even if you don’t have the PowerPoint program, you can still view them Vocabulary flashcards. Each chapter includes vocabulary flashcards for you to test your comprehension of key terms in the chapter External links. Each chapter includes links to outside resources that go into more depth
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PSY_101_Study_Guide - Study Guide for PSY 101 Introduction...

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