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Unformatted text preview: Final Exam Review Sheet GEOG 371 – Air Pollution Climatology Exam Scope: The exam will be cumulative, with an emphasis on the last 3rd of the class. It is a good idea to review the material covered on exams 1 and 2 as it may reappear on this exam. The exam format will be multiple choice, true/false and short answer. There will not be any calculations on the test. Main Topics: The atmosphere: How did it evolve? What is the structure? What is the composition? What role do structure and composition play in air pollution? Smog: How is it formed? Where is it found? How can it be controlled? Meteorological Effects: Global circulations Scales of meteorological systems Transport/trapping of pollutants – how and why Visibility effects Impacts: Health Acid deposition Stratospheric ozone loss Climate: Greenhouse effect and global warming – Chapter 12 Modern view – IPCC, air quality implications, etc. Regulations History of regulations Current regulations NAAQS Regulatory process Modeling Types of models Gaussian plume – how and why is it used Page 1 of 1 ...
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