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EWA Lab 8 tip sheet - STAT 201: Tips on EWA for Lab Session...

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STAT 201: Tips on EWA for Lab Session 8 The EWA is assigned for Lab Session 8 It is due ____________. A 25% penalty will be imposed on all late papers and these will only be accepted up to a week after the due date. Individual work is required on the EWA . Students may proof-read each other’s papers, but original writing is required from each student. The text of the EWA must be typed. Some neat, hand-written labels and/or numbers on figures are permitted. BEFORE YOU LEAVE LAB : Make sure your word document with your graphs (2 dotplots) and minitab output (descriptive statistics, results for the confidence interval and hypothesis test) has been e-mailed to you or saved to your z-drive or a pen drive (your lab instructor can help). Overview of Paper Sections: Abstract: This is a stand alone section. It is written to give the reader a brief synopsis of the experiment and some general findings. This is written for a person who is doing research on a topic possibly related to your experiment. Be sure to be specific, yet brief. Even though the abstract comes first in your paper, it is sometimes easier to write the abstract last . It is a summary of your paper, and is very difficult to write well without having written your paper. There will be some redundancy from other parts of the paper. In the abstract be sure to include: The purpose of the experiment A brief description of the data collection and analysis (exclude fine details which will be covered in your paper) Your conclusion – what is the average heart rate increase after climbing a flight of stairs? Do students reach a heart rate
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EWA Lab 8 tip sheet - STAT 201: Tips on EWA for Lab Session...

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